Anette Vedfald Christensen English
  Anette Vedfald Christensen

My name is Anette Vedfald Christensenand I'm an enthusiastic and charming woman in her twenties.

I'm always open towards new things and I see myself as a challenge seeker. When I put my mind into something, I always find a way towards a solution.

I can easily be just as goofy as I can be serious. There must be room for everything. I have a good overview and see the possibilities but also the limitations. This is because I'm versatile in being very adventurous but also very conscious of the reality.

My background:
I was born and raised in Aalborg (Denmark), and have a higher commercial examination (HHX).

I graduated in 2008 as a graphic design technologist from University College of Nordjylland (UCN), and have previously worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer at TJECK PUBLISHING A/S, assisting dtp and photographer at C. Flauenskjold A/S, and journalist, photographer and graphic designer at the local newspaper called ØSTKRAFT.

Since 2012 I have been involved as a writer, graphic designer and marketing responsible at the magazine THE INSPIRING MIRROR.

In my spare time I am very much into music, photography, art and design. I sing in a band, read books and write blogs, screenplays, lyrics and articles. I also care a lot about amateur photography and editing.

Why graphic designer?
I have chosen to become a graphic designer because I like the aspects inherent in the work. For me it is important to do something I love and feel happy about and I find that in the graphics. The team spirit or independent work tasks are equally good for me. Each requires its own approach, but I am ready for any challenge.