Anette Vedfald Christensen English

What can a Graphic Design Technologist do?

The training for Graphic Design & Technology is a college education covering a wide range of design, technology, procurement and sales.

The idea is to work on many levels and gain a deeper understanding within the approach to the various tasks. You learn to review everything from concept to execution of the finished product. A Graphic Design Technologist can be integrated into various occupations within the industry. Besides being technical strong in the Adobe package the education also provides and includes design, corporate financial and management sides, and is divided into 4 main areas which are:

Design, Technology, Production and Trading.

The subjects:
• Trend Spotting
• Knowledge of color
• Sketch Technique
• Philosophy Value
• Communications and Marketing
• Lifestyle and fashioning
• Culture and Art History
• Project Management
• Concept development
• Drawing
• Technology
• Image editing
• Rhetoric
• Aesthetics
• Copywriting
• Ergonomics
• Intercultural Communication
• Pricing
• Market analysis
• Negotiating Skills
• Experience Economy

1st and second semester are basic parts of the program, and here you "mold" the foundation of the subjects for further semesters.

On the third semester you choose a profile, where you during the year also will be sent out in job training to get tested your skills. I chose the design and were in job traning at Skanderborg Festival (

On the fourth semester you choose a specialty, and I chose Maya 3D, so I have a specialty section within animation.